I JUST REALLY LOVE TREES AND FLOWERS. If you don't appreciate Mother Earth, don't talk 2 me.

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when I was ten I met my dads friends daughter and we were playing up in her room and she said she could talk to dogs and I said that I could too and she was like “really?” and I was like “yeah! see that one over there? he says your a huge liar”

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Schedule 1 is the most illegal that a substance can be. It means that it has no known medical use, high abuse potential, is considered dangerous to use and is generally unclean and verboten.

Ecstasy which is statistically safer than taking an airplane flight, is schedule one. LSD, which has little or no addictive potential is also schedule one. Alcohol, which causes enormous social problems and violence, is legal. Tobacco, which is highly addictive and kills around half of it’s long term users, is legal. That’s drug policy for you.


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Yas girl yassss! 💊🌀👀

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Weed - Marijuana